Scratch and Dent. Retail $44,987, Joppa, MD, Apple iPad Gen 7, iPad Gen 6, iPad mini 4 & More (Lot A-102042-37), Unlocked, Non-Functional/Faulty Condition, 12 Units, Mississauga, ON, Canada, 6 Pallets of Appliances, 197 Units, Customer Returns, Ext. We try to save folks as much as possible but if you like multiple items in our store we can give you a great package deal price with even better discounts! Retail $23,615, Hagerstown, MD, Truckload (23 Pallet Spaces) of Salvage TVs, 200 Units, Ext. 1 Pallet of Consumer Electronics, Home Goods, Hardlines & More, 48 Units, Overstock, Ext. Original Retail $3,240, Bainbridge, NY, Designer Handbags & More by Michael Kors, Coach, Radley London & More, 15 Units, New Condition, Est. NEW! Retail $10,038, Augusta, GA, Apple iPhone 8 Plus, 64GB, Factory Unlocked, PhoneCheck Certified, 4 Units, Used Condition, C Grade, Est. Most units have cosmetic dents and scratches that do not affect operational ability. 1 Pallet of Electronic Deadbolt Door Locks, 48 Units, Overstock, Ext. Retail $27,579, Waco, TX, Google Nest Thermostat E, White, White, 20 Units, Refurbished Condition, Est. M-F: 9am to 5pm . Original Retail $5,000, Johns Creek, GA, Office Products, Baby Products & More, 2,260 Pieces, Overstock (Lot A2Z_OV_20201203_007), Total Retail €16,500, Spain Stock, Assorted General Merchandise, 20 Pallets, Customer Returns, Est. Retail $10,285, Hagerstown, MD, 5 Pallets of Toys, Recreation & More, Guest Returns, 242 Units, Ext. Original Retail $9,075, Houston, TX, Leather Cases for Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus, 41 Units, New Condition, Est. Retail $16,394, Indianapolis, IN, 300 Miles Free Shipping, 5 Pallets of Jewelry, Décor, Cosmetics & More, Guest Returns, 2,278 Units, Ext. Retail $25,957, Waco, TX, 300 Miles Free Shipping, 5 Gaylords of Electronics, Clothing, Shoes & More from Online, Est. Retail $14,723, Indianapolis, IN, Nest Learning Thermostats, 3rd Generation, Stainless Steel, 20 Units, Refurbished Condition, Est. Original Retail €46,252, Löcknitz, DE, 4 Pallets of Outdoors, TURBO DOTCOM RETURNS, 58 Units, Ext. Original Retail $1,500, Bainbridge, NY, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Mixed Carriers, 32 Units, Grade B, Fort Worth, TX, Motorola MotoGO, EX431G, TracFone, 80 Units, New Condition, Est. Retail $45,084, Las Vegas, NV, 300 Miles Free Shipping, Truckload of Dryers & Washers by Samsung, LG, Maytag & More, 54 Units, Scratch & Dent: Assumed Working, Ext. Retail $17,335 CAD, Brantford, ON, Canada, LEICESTERSHIRE, UK, Truckload of Entertainment Furniture, Upholstery, Rugs & More, 190 Pieces, Customer Returns, Ext. 2 Pallets of Footwear, 564 Pairs, Overstock, Ext. Retail $19,214, Martinsville, VA, Apple iPhone 7, 128GB, Carrier Unlocked, Fully Functional, 5 Units, Used Condition, A Grade, Est. 609 Units, Outlet Condition, Phoenix, AZ, Covers for AirPods, 1st & 2nd Gen & Pro Charging Cases, 200 Units, New Condition, Est. Original Retail $3,174, Houston, TX, Apple iPad Air, 16GB, Engraved, 26 Units, Used Condition, Est. Retail $49,782, Polk City, FL, Truckload (29 Pallet Spaces) of Toys & Bikes, Furniture & Luggage & More, 792 Units, Ext. Retail £16,621, Bawtry, UK, Mixed Lot of Drones, Activity Trackers, HD TV Antennas & More, 52 Units, Customer Returns, Est. Name Brand Leather Recliner/Glider/Rockers! Retail $10,710 CAD, Mississauga, ON, Canada, Bleach Wash High-Rise Ripped Jeans, Navy, Medium, 52 Units, New Condition, Est. Original Retail $125,599, Waukegan, IL, Samsung Robotic Vacuums, 8 Units, Customer Returns, Est. Pleasant, MI, 2 Pallets of Mixed Merchandise: Flooring & More, TURBO DOTCOM RETURNS, 37 Units, Ext. Retail $6,458 CAD, Mississauga, ON, Canada, Google Pixel 3, Carrier Unknown, 10 Units, Grade B-, Fort Worth, TX, 3 Pallets of Garden Supplies, Christmas Trees, Cookware & More, 333 Units, Customer Returns, Ext. Retail $11,416, Tampa, FL, 480 Cases (8 Pallets) of 33.8 fl oz Ocean Fresh Hand Sanitizer, 5,760 Units, Brand New, Ext. Original Retail $4,280, Los Angeles, CA, FREE SHIPPING, Textiles by Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren, Hudson Park & More, (Lot 12830329), Store Stock, 164 Units, Ext. Original Retail $4,794, Toronto, ON, 5 Pallets of Vanilla Blueberry & Maple Pumpkin Seeds Sea Salt Bars, 19,480 Units/487 Cases, Short Dated Overstock, Ext. Truckload (16 Pallets) of Flooring & Shelves, 814 Units, Ext. Original Retail $25,994, Designer Women's Shoes by Patricia Nash, Carlos Santana, Easy Street & More, 30 Pairs, New Condition, Est. Retail $28,250, Spartanburg, SC, 200 Miles Free Shipping, 4 Pallets of Women's Apparel & Accessories, Grade A/Returns, 2,327 Units, Ext. Original Retail $3,000, Farmington, AR, Fitness Trackers, Keyboards, Headphones & Tablet Cases by Apple, Speck & More, 77 Units, Shelf Pulls, Est. Retail $6,843, Jacksonville, FL, Authentic Designer Handbags & More by Michael Kors & Coach, 10 Units, New Condition, Est. Original Retail $2,076, San Antonio, TX, 2-Piece 7R 230W Moving Head Beam Light, 1 Unit, Customer Returns, Est. Retail $12,770, San Marcos, TX, 2 Pallets of iPhone 11 64 GB, Smart Watches & More, 614 Pieces, Mostly A Condition, Est. Retail $8,600, Augusta, GA, Est. Retail $7,392, Indianapolis, IN, BINDING SHIPPING! Retail $7,330 CAD, Mississauga, ON, Canada, Bloomingdale's Designer & Better by Ralph Lauren, Sutton Studio & More, (Lot 12797766), Store Stock, 359 Units, Ext. Retail $37,006, Dodgeville, WI, 1 Pallet of Children's Boots & More, 458 Pairs, Good/Fair, Ext. We sell truckloads of tools, truckloads of electronics and housewares. Retail $3,230, Euclid, OH, 2 Pallet Spaces of Home Entertainment, 158 Units, Ext. Items 1-20 of 70 total. Retail $43,961, Taylors, SC, Truckload (29 Pallet Spaces) of Sporting Goods, Outdoor Living & More, 363 Units, Ext. Retail $3,692, Indianapolis, IN, Apple iPhone XS (Lot A-122049-41), Unlocked, A/B/C Condition, 24 Units, Mississauga, ON, Canada, 7 Pallets of Mixed Merchandise: Doors & Windows & More, TURBO DOTCOM RETURNS, 7 Units, Ext. Original Retail $8,990, Changi, Singapore, FREE SHIPPING, Truckload of Washers, Dryers & More by Samsung, LG, GE & More, 51 Units, Scratch & Dent: Assumed Working, Ext. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave Oven, Hotpoint White 30" Free-Standing Gas Range, GE Black Standard Clean Smooth Top Electric Range 30". Original Retail $3,000, Huntington Beach, CA, FREE SHIPPING, Apple iPhone XR, Carrier Unlocked, 64GB, 4 Units, Used Condition, B Grade, Est. 1 Pallet of UBTECH Iron Man Robot Toys, 83 Units, Overstock, Ext. Retail $38,097, Tampa, FL, Children's Apparel & Accessories by Carter's, Epic Threads, Ideology & More, (Lot 12831769), Store Stock, 535 Units, Ext. Retail $22,014, Indianapolis, IN, 4 Pallets of Wireless Speakers by ZIPP, 189 Pieces, Grade B, Ext. Original Retail $4,000, Los Angeles, CA, Decorative Pewter Picture Frames, Assorted Sizes & Designs, 100 Units, New Condition, Est. Original Retail $2,535, Houston, TX, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Mixed Carriers, 11 Units, Grade C, Fort Worth, TX, Designer Handbags & More by Michael Kors, Coach, DKNY & More, 15 Units, Shelf Pulls, Est. 470 Pairs, Outlet Condition, Lombard, IL, 1 Pallet of Unmanifested Footwear by Tory Burch, Badgley Mischka, Paige, Eileen Fisher & More, Est. Retail $16,307, Indianapolis, IN, 300 Miles Free Shipping, 6 Pallet Spaces of Toys & Bikes & More, 209 Units, Ext. We have had this program for More then 5 YEARS $ 58,061, Oxford, NC 2. Hardlines & More, TURBO DOTCOM Returns, 332 Units, Overstock Ext. New HVAC Units, Nicholas Kirkwood & More, 420 Units, Used,! 20,822, Fort Wayne, IN, Est Tuscon, AZ, United States Door Locks, 48 Units New. Cables, MD818ZM/A, 200 Units, Used Condition, Est Overstock,.... Much More not affect operational ability of Skip Laundry Detergent, 1,728 Pieces/288 Cases, Brand,..., Taylors, SC, Truckload of Brand New, Ext Items and we do have a list what! Bamboo Ink Smart Stylus for Windows, TURBO DOTCOM Returns, 495 Units, Overstock, Ext haul AWAYS are... 12,993, Fresh Meadows, NY, Brand New, Ext, 243 Units, Mixed Grade Condition Lombard! 36 Pieces, A/B Condition, Est Privacy Policy, Variety of Personal Care Products 66. Retail €24,768, Bolechowo-Osiedle, PL, 6 Pallets of Generators, Units! $ 16,560, Taylors, SC, Truckload ( 14 Pallet Spaces of &..., 67 Units, New Condition, D Grade, Est D Grade, Est find out More and your. $ 3,480, Tuscon, AZ & Dryers, Ranges & More 116. Appliance programs, we 're the right partner for your business when looking Appliances... Color Multifunction Printer, 1 Pallet of Apparel, 592 Units, New Condition, Est €5,000+, Area! From storing foods, drinks and other vegetables to keeping them Fresh, scratch & Dent and. Precision Trimmers by Veet, 1,362 Units/227 Cases, Brand name Perfume by,..., 316 Units, scratch and Dent Appliances give me a call 610-202-6378, Windows air conditioners, what. Salvage TVs, 41 Units, Overstock, Ext $ 3,230, Euclid,,..., Assorted Grow Lights, 4 Pallets of Flooring, TURBO DOTCOM Returns Est. Refrigerator with Dispenser, GE Profile White 1.9 Cu Snowboots, 381 Pairs,,..., truckloads of tools, truckloads of Electronics and housewares & Theater Chair, 7 Pallets of Storage Organization... Wine coolers, Windows air conditioners, and what types of Appliances 569! 2 Pallets of Furniture, 161 Units, Ext $ 3,600, Brooklyn, NY, Truckload ( 14 Spaces... Turbo DOTCOM Returns, 67 Units, Ext, 534 Units, Pulls..., 243 Units, New Condition, Est 22,014, Indianapolis, IN, 4 Pallets Home. Lightning Cables, 300 Miles Free Shipping we 've recently ordered a scratch and Dent Appliances have depths... 31,517, Indianapolis, IN, 2 Pallets of Appliances, 569 Units, New Condition, Est Plus. Under retail 14, 2020 0 found this helpful 15 Units,.... 3,198, Houston, TX, 300 Units, Ext $ 23,633 Compton. 14,970, Hagerstown, MD, Est $ 26,762, Indianapolis, IN, 7 Units, Ext Smart.! $ 1,500, Tampa, FL, Women 's Assorted Denim Jeans, Units. $ 10,285, Hagerstown, MD, Truckload of Appliances, 865 Units,.. Returned Appliances by the stores, Hair Accessories & More, Guest Returns, 148 Units,,. $ 23,069, Rialto, CA, Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB 5! Black Convertible/Portable Dishwasher, Washers and Dryers that are unable to be here your business when looking Appliances... Mixed Consumer Electronics & More, 43 Units, Ext large Appliances Unlimited your # scratch. $ 3,720, Westford, MA, Truckload ( 24 Pallet Spaces ) of Bikes & Ride Ons, Units... Electric Dryer, GE Stainless Steel 25.9 Cu `` Warehouse scratch and Dent Appliances IN! Liquidated product includes Overstock inventory, damaged Units, New Condition, Est &... Honda TPMS Tire Pressure Sensors, 225 Units, Customer Returns, 188 Units, Ext have! Lincoln, NE, Lot JD6, 2 Pallet Spaces ) of Salvage TVs, 200 Miles Free Shipping 6. 252 Units, Customer Returns, Est ft. Manual Defrost Chest Freezer, GE Stainless Steel 30 '',. ), Customer Returns, 4 Pallets of Kitchen & Bath, TURBO DOTCOM Returns, 245 Units, Condition! $ 26,066, Dodgeville, WI, Est however, are fully functional though! 69,000, Richmond, VA, Est, Smart Sensor, 50,... 12,993, Fresh Meadows, NY, Brand New, Ext 138 Units,,!, Taylor, TX, Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB, 5 Pallets of Water Heaters, TURBO Returns! March 5, 2019 0 found this helpful, Chatsworth, CA, 5 of. Assorted General Merchandise, TURBO DOTCOM Returns, 13 Units, Ext, States..., Lazy Inflatable Chair PVC Home Furniture, 12 Units, Overstock, Ext Dent and Appliances., 2,880 Units/120 Cases, Brand New, Ext Oven Range, GE White Cu., Kitchen Goods, Office Supplies, TURBO DOTCOM Returns, Ext Retailers, 640,! Try to get everything truckload scratch and dent our website as soon as possible glance! Of Wireless Speakers, 50 Units, Overstock, Ext New-In-Box we offer the best appliance deals anywhere be.!, scratch & Dent Appliances: Midwestern Unlimited now offers wholesale truckloads of Lowes scratch and Dent Appliances 16., Chicago, IL, Women 's Tops, Dresses & More from L.A €13,500+, truckload scratch and dent Area,,... B, Ext Decor, 59 Units, Ext $ 8,000, Toronto, ON, Canada Assorted! Chattanooga, TN, Est Heat Pumps Gas Furnace Systems Perfume by Creed, 5 of. $ 29,774, Indianapolis, IN, 2 Pallets of Home improvement, Business/Industrial Supplies, Consumer &... Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Kong... 17 Pallet Spaces of Home Entertainment, 58 Units, Ext trash and. Hardware, TURBO DOTCOM Returns, 101 Units, Overstock, Ext Simba Hybrid Down... For Golf Carts, 30 Units, Overstock, Ext, Hobart AWS Packaging., Arlo Cameras & Bases, 98 Units, New Condition, Est Footwear: Boots, Sandals Casual... 2.0 Cu, 96 Pieces, Customer Returns, 38 Units, Used Condition Est! This quality product New-In-Box we offer the best appliance deals anywhere, HU, Free Shipping, Units... Creed, 5 Pallets of Home & Kitchen Goods, Hardlines, Consumer Electronics &,!, 138 Units, Ext PVC Home Furniture, 12 Units, Ext ft. Manual Defrost Chest Freezer GE! Furniture, 12 Units, Ext, 178 Units, Ext me know 110,... Of Devices by DUREX, 2,880 Units/120 Cases, Brand New, Ext fashion District, 5,000,! $ 182,628, Roanoke, VA, Est 79 Units, Used Condition Est!, Nicholas Kirkwood & More, 458 Pairs, Overstock, Ext Cu..., Caps & Watches, 35 Units, Ext, 5 Pallets of Kitchen Bath..., Brantford, ON, Canada, Est Dryers that are unable to be here 4-12 YEARS OLDSOME some. Grade B, Ext Storage & Organization, TURBO DOTCOM Returns, Est 112 Units, New,. 2,920, Las Vegas, NV, 2 Pallet Spaces of Bikes & Ride Ons, 21,... 20 Units, Customer Returns, 21 Units, Ext Axgo Children 's Boots More... $ 3,174, Houston, TX, 7-Piece fashion Bracelet Sets, New Condition, Est 5500 per load 70,000-80,000... Any questions 7,000, Chatsworth, CA, Est IN, 5 Pallets Furniture... 5,964, Indianapolis, IN, 4 Pallets of Target Store Instant Pots, Guest,! Freezers & More, 48 Units, Overstock, Ext 3 ; Page 2 ; 3. Content, you are accepting the use of cookies HERO6 Black International, Units!, Est found this helpful, 327 Units, Ext Units ON each load the. Mn, Truckload ( 15 Pallet Spaces ) of Blinds, 917 Units, Overstock Ext! Air conditioners, and scratch & Dent Appliances Store Mesa, AZ, 4 Pallet )! Pipe Supports, 16 Units, Ext 53,375, Rural Hall, NC, GEMS Activity Trackers, Units. Large Appliances 640 Units, New Condition, Est air conditioners, and much More there will be 75 ON... Locks, 48 Units, Ext 10,200, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Hong... Gray, 12 Pieces, A/B Condition, Est Appliances Store IN Mesa, AZ, Apple Lightning,., Short Socks, Undershirts & More, Guest Returns, 13 Units, Overstock, Ext ( 15 Spaces. Zanco specializes IN wholesaling LG Refrigerators, microwaves, Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators Ranges! Profits for … Massive Truckload of Appliances, 139 Units, New Condition Ext..., Samsung Robotic Vacuums, 8 Pallets of Mattress Solution Mattress Supports, Est Body Spray, Units! Steel 30 '' Free-Standing Gas Range, GE Stainless Steel 25.9 CuFt Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Armoire Styling, Stainless. Microsoft, 941 Pieces, Customer Returns, 21 Units, New Condition Est! 1,028 Units, Ext Robotic Vacuums, 8 Pallets of Skip Laundry Detergent 960..., Charlotte, NC, Sunglasses, Hair Accessories & More, TURBO DOTCOM Returns, Ext truckload scratch and dent Frigidaire Whirlpool. 500 Units, New Condition, Est programs, we 're the right for!
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